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Hands on - Creating amazing documentation with Archbee.mp4

Archbee joins the plethora of tools promising to help you build cohesive, well integrated, and varied developer documentation. It includes markdown, API references, commenting, mermaid support, and much more. Too good to be true or just what you’re looking for? I take a look!

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The Solo Adventurer - I'm Bored, Let's Explore (Ruins)

A game about discovering the past with a sibling. And skeletons. Yes.

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Hands on - Private browsing with DuckDuckGo for macOS

I’ve used DuckDuckGo as a search engine for a while, but the company also has mobile browsers I’ve been experimenting with, and now announced a browser for macOS in beta that isn’t just another Chromium browser. I take a look and see why I might use it instead of Safari.

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Hands on - Switching from Heroku to Vercel

In this hands on I see what’s involved in switching a small hobby coding project from hosted with Heroku to Vercel.

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Hands on - Headless CMS in VSCode with Front Matter

Front Matter is a CMS that runs within Visual Studio Code. It gives you the power and control of a full-blown CMS while also providing you the flexibility and speed of the static site generator of your choice. Wow!? I take a look…

Creative writing with JetBrains Grazie

I looked at using Grazie for technical copy, tried creative writing with GitHub Copilot, and people asked me to try the same with Grazie… So here we go, another live writing session with an AI assistant! What will we concoct together?

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The Solo Adventurer - Narrative Scripting with inky

As a long-term technical writer I find creating games with structured text works for my brain. How does Inky and its various plugins allow me to create games? How does it compare to other tools I’ve looked at such as Twine and Expeditios? I take a look!

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Hands on - Open Source video Editing with kdenlive

I’m currently looking at alternatives to Adobe Premiere and I thought why not try the open source kdenlive and see how it compares to a plethora of proprietary, expensive editors.

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The Solo Adventurer - Create D&D content with The Homebrewery

The Homebrewery is a tool for making authentic looking D&D content using Markdown, merging two of my favourite things… Too good to be true? Let’s see!

Keeping code and documentation in sync with Hasty Docs

I speak with the team behind Hasty Docs, a tool that aims to keep documentation and code changes in sync by allowing you to link lines together.

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Hands on - Smarter writing with IntelliJ Grazie

Yes… I know I pronounce the name wrong 🤦‍♂️ And yes… I know I am using the wrong plugin until about 12 minutes in, but I think it still works 🤞 😅. Grazie provides intelligent grammar checks, completion, and writing assistance for natural language text in IntelliJ-based IDEs. It checks text in code comments, commit messages, and text files, such as Markdown, XML, AsciiDoc, and so on. Will it convince me to switch from my customised setup in Visual Studio Code? Join me and see!

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The Solo Adventurer - Exploring power with Grievance

Grievance is an interactive story about power. The limits of power, its corrosive nature, and the damage that power inflicts, deliberate or otherwise, on all those without it. Join me as I follow the lives of three characters as their paths cross and untangle over the course of the story.

Charmed Kubeflow with Rob Gibbon of Canonical

In this Chinchilla Squeaks interview I speak with Rob Gibbon, Product Manager at Canonical about their flavour of Kubeflow and how it can be used for machine learning workloads with Kubernetes.

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Hands on - Build lightweight cross-platform desktop apps with NeutralinoJS

Another lightweight and portable desktop application development framework that lets you develop lightweight cross-platform desktop applications using JavaScript, HTML and CSS. How does it compare to other alternatives?

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Hands on - Headless CMS done right with Dato CMS

I am on an endless mission to find a headless CMS that actually works as easily and as well as the marketing copy claims. Will Dato satisfy me or will it end up like all other headless CMS I’ve tried and be a great editing experience, but a disappointing content delivery? Join me and see!

Creative writing with GitHub copilot

I covered copilot generally in a past video, and after a suggestion from viewers, today I see how it influences some creative writing ideas I have.

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The Solo Adventurer - Forging a world with World Anvil

World Anvil claims to give you all the tools you need to create an immense collaborative world for games and campaigns. Watch me stumble and get lost in an overwhelming array of tools and options to see what worlds I can forge…

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The Solo Adventurer - Crafting scenarios with Expedition Quest Creator

Expedition is a card and app driven interactive fiction meets role-play game. Around 95% of the quests in the game are contributed by the community and in this video I look at the quest creator tool to see what’s possible.

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Hands on - Creating a Trello extension for Raycast

I’ve covered the awesome macOS productivity tool Raycast before, and in this video I walk through the steps I took use it’s API to create a Trello extension to list and search tasks. Search Raycast store for “Trello” and find code here - Previous Raycast videos also on my channel.

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The Solo Adventurer - Surviving a student protest with Masks

You’re a courier for the resistance, trapped on a university campus under siege. The environment around you is coming apart, fast. Join me in a intense play though of this interactive fiction that loves to play with your expectations.

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Hands on - Creating a Visual Studio Code Extension Pack

Extension Packs bundle together other VSCode extension to allow for easy sharing of your favourite extensions with other users or creating a set of extensions for a particular scenario. Join me as I attempt to create one for tech writers. Finished extension pack, search “writers toolkit”, or

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The Solo Adventurer - Create Hex Maps with Hex Kit

Hex Kit is a multi-platform desktop application for building hex maps to be used with table top role playing games. Hex Kit is built to be intuitive and quick to use with an emphasis on art.

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The Solo Adventurer - Creating fantasy maps with Inkarnate

I start exploring fantasy mapping tools for games, fiction, and other uses. First is the turn of Inkarnate that handles everything from worlds to interiors, all online.

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Hands on - SwiftUI with Swift Playgrounds 4

Swift playgrounds 4 brings powerful development tools to macOS and iOS contained within an easier to use application (compared to Xcode). I use this Hacking with Swift post ( to learn what’s possible.

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Hands on - Bring live video to streams with

I looked at before, but they rebranded and added a few new features, so i thought it was time for another try. If you want to bring live video feeds into your livestreams, is it still the best option?