I am a technical communicator with a love of explaining technical concepts in documentation, blog posts, videos, books and more.

I currently work for Chronosphere and have a small technical writing agency.

I am a podcaster, video maker, writer of interactive fiction, and games. This website is a home for all my blog posts, podcasts, newsletters and creative projects.

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IT Arena 2022 - Ukrainian tech braves the war

IT Arena 2022 - Ukrainian tech braves the war

This was my third invitation to attend in Lviv, Ukraine. But this was the first time, and indeed a first for me overall, that the conference happened during a war and in what was effectively a warzone.

A legendary merge

A legendary merge

In this episode I round up the latest geeky news that has caught my attention including the Ethereum merge, looking forward to macOS Ventura, AI images already getting banned in image stores, a history of ARM, and much more!

My daily diary with Magic Mind, The World’s First Productivity Shot

As part of a sponsorship for my podcast I spent two weeks with Magic Mind, that claims to be the world’s first productivity shot. How did its ingredients of Matcha, Nootropics, Adaptogens, Honey, and other goodies help me relax, get focus, and energy over 14 days? In this video diary I recount my experiences and dig into what the ingredients in the shot claim to do. If you’re interested in trying Magic Mind yourself I have discount codes… The next 10 days, you can get 40% off your subscription at: https://www.magicmind.co/chinchilla A 20% discount code of any single purchase: CHINCHILLA20

Latest from the broadcast industry at IBC 2022, Amsterdam

I got to go to one of the biggest events I’ve been to since 2019 and cover all that’s new in video, audio, and the broadcast industry in general. Here’s who I spoke to, my own interviews, plus sessions with the officehours.global crew. - Robitica, AI sign language: 0:47 - EditShare, Cloud editing and collaboration: 07:10 - Avid, Audio and video editing tools: 15:13 - Varnish, Content delivery: 23:12 - Suitest, TV app test automation:28:46 - Sony, FR7 Cinema Line Full-frame PTZ camera: 41:42 - Disguise, VR and XR for video: 44:44 - Grass Valley, Agile Media Processing Platform: 48:41

Dotan Horovits of Logz.io, watch your heroes and the life of Clippy

Dotan Horovits of Logz.io, watch your heroes and the life of Clippy

In this episode I speak with Dotan Horowits from Logz.io about Observability and OpenTelemetry. Also features how much GPT-3 truly knows about you, the life of clippy and why you should always have an air of scepticism in what you read.

Apple event reactions live

It’s another Apple event, so what’s better than a semi-sarcastic British/Australian guy’s sardonic commentary to accompany it? Nothing I tell you… Nothing!

Tiny CSS and Moore's magic Mac

Tiny CSS and Moore's magic Mac

In this episode I speak with the authors of Tiny CSS projects, Michael Gearon and Martine Dowden. I also look at Apple’s new repair program, the saviour of Moore’s law, and more!

Bun, the JavaScript runtime to replace npm and yarn?

Bun promises to replace and improve upon a plethora of JavaScript and TypeScript tools you currently use, offering bundle, transpile, install and run features all-in-one. On top of all that, it claims to be faster than other options. Is it? In this learning livestream I see what I can find out and if the hype is right.

Learning livestream with BetterTouchTool

BetterTouchTool is a classic feature packed app that allows you to customize various input devices on your Mac. In this livestream I figure out how it might be useful to, and especially how I can replace the weighty Stream Deck application with BetterTouchTool’s new beta feature.

Matt Butcher of Fermyon, GTA, Tauri, and is Veganism really that popular?

Matt Butcher of Fermyon, GTA, Tauri, and is Veganism really that popular?

On this episode I have Matt Butcher of Fermyon to talk about their cloud-hosted webassembly platform. I also cover Tauri, tech settings you should change, Umbrella Academy, ask if Veganism is really hype, and much more!

Building a boardgame for tabletop simulator

Tabletop simulator is a classic tool for playing digital versions of boardgames. It’s also a great way to prototype game ideas without constantly creating physical prototypes. So in this learning Livestream I learn how to create a version of a game I am currently codesigning.

Programming update Summer 2022

A few small updates from me and what I have planned for my video output going forward.

Create macOS virtual machines with VirtualBuddy

VirtualBuddy can virtualize macOS 12 and later on Apple Silicon, with the goal of offering features that are useful to developers who need to test their apps on multiple versions of macOS, especially betas. The project is in early stages, but I found with minimal configuration it helps you get a virtual machine up and running quickly and efficiently.

Apache Pulsar with Patrick McFadin

Apache Pulsar with Patrick McFadin

I have Patrick McFadin back on the show to discuss using Apache Pulsar for distributed cloud-native streaming and how it fits into Data Stax’s plans and business goals.

Cristian Heilmann - Principal Program Manager Developer Tools at Microsoft

Ian and Chris speak with Cristian Heilmann, Principal Program Manager Developer Tools at Microsoft about his long career through developer relations/evangelism, teaching technical skills, and so much more! https://christianheilmann.com